Give these reads a shot!

Want to read about about the first female Pinkerton detective? Give these reads a shot!


Not Just a Pretty Face: Princess Stories for Kids

It’s no secret that some kids are drawn to princes’s stories. Whether they are wooed by the sparkles, the power, the beauty, or the happily ever after that many of these stories contain, we can’t deny the popularity of these books.


12 most-expected ebook bestsellers – spring 2017


7 Thrillers Set for 2017 Movie or TV Adaptations

Do you feel a TV or movie adaptation can never do justice to a book? Or do you wait expectantly for your favorite books to be interpreted on the screen? Here are seven thriller books that you might want to read before they are adapted to movie or TV.

Sail Away With Sea Stories

Sail Away With Sea Stories

Welcome Aboard! Looking for adventures on the high seas? When you’re packing your sunscreen and heading to the pool or beach, don’t forget to pick up one of these nautical titles.