Online Resources And Databases For Pre-K And Up

Reading Resource

Grades PreK-3

A digital literacy resource with colorful animation, rich audio, and interactive games. BookFlix is a perfect tool to support beginning readers.

Reading Resource

Grades 3 and Up

TrueFlix is the only online resource that leverages the award-winning True Books content to help students hone literacy skills, build knowledge of subject-area content, and cultivate 21st Century skills through the inquiry process.


History Resources

Grades 4 and Up

FreedomFlix is an exciting digital resource that includes an introductory video, a dynamic ebook, related articles, primary sources, and vetted weblinks that expose students to a range of subjects.


Grades 4 through 9

ScienceFlix combines curriculum-driven, leveled content, interactive features, and intuitive navigation into a single, highly-engaging digital resource for students in grades 4 through 9.

Grolier Online

America The Beautiful

Encyclopedia Americana is appropriate for high-school students and beyond. See America like never before.

Book of Knowledge

The New Book of Knowledge is a comprehensive database and is suitable for elementary-school and middle-school students.

Book of Popular Science

The New Book of Popular Science, which is appropriate for both middle-school and high-school students.

Lands and People

Lands and Peoples is an encyclopedia of countries, and cultures for middle-school and high-school students.

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