BookFlix introduces children to a world of knowledge and exploration.

With colorful animation, rich audio, and interactive games, BookFlix is a perfect tool to engage and support beginning readers.

Built-in literacy support tools–including read aloud and word highlighting–cultivate key literacy skills, support beginning and ELL readers, and build fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

BookFlix helps students:

  • Read and comprehend literature & information text
  • Respond to texts that are read aloud
  • Acquire grade-appropriate vocabulary

BookFlix Features

  • Animated stories
  • 120 fiction/nonfiction pairings to engage early readers and build real world knowledge
  • Digital nonfiction flip books of best-selling Scholastic titles
  • Read aloud with words highlighting builds words recognition and fluency skills
  • More than 30 pairs available in Spanish
  • More than 1100 editorially selected and vetted websites to explore more
  • Author biographies to introduce favorite authors
  • Interactive games build vocabulary, reading comprehension, and knowledge of fiction versus nonfiction
  • Educator resources include lesson plans, correlations, and more

“BookFlix allows students, teachers, librarians and parents the opportunity to read along and enjoy books in an online environment… Scholastic’s BookFlix deserves and A+ for not only introducing this format to preschool and elementary students, but also for providing reinforcement of reading skills through wonderful videos and outstanding book pairs.”

— School Library Journal

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