FreedomFlix: Bring History to Life

Brought to you by Scholastic, FreedomFlix is an exciting digital resource that will engage even the most reluctant readers!

With more than 60 multimedia units spanning 10 core areas of study, FreedomFlix offers students a behind-the-scenes look at the people, places, and events that shaped our world. Engage even the most reluctant readers with this dynamic, interactive digital resource!



FreedomFlix helps students:

  • Develop inquiry-based learning skills
  • Build content-area knowledge
  • Strengthen literacy skills

“A streamlined, intuitive design and smart, interactive features make FreedomFlix ideal for enhancing 21st century literacy and technology skills. Content is solid, engaging, and age appropriate. FreedomFlix is a gold medal winner.”

—School Library Journal

FreedomFlix provides compelling content blended with crucial online support tools.

Whether looking for digital resources to build content knowledge or to ensure students are college and career ready—award-winning FreedomFlix helps build the critical skills necessary for academic success.

FreedomFlix supports higher-level thinking and core proficiency skills including:

  • Reading across a range of text types
  • Closely reading articles, primary sources, and other media
  • Building in-context vocabulary
  • Using technology and digital media strategically and capably
  • Building content area knowledge
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