ScienceFlix provides students with a better understanding of science concepts and ideas through hands-on projects, and videos.

ScienceFlix is transforming the way students access science topics, acquire scientific knowledge, and build a lasting interest in science, technology, and engineering.

Curriculum‐driven leveled content is integrated with interactive features and intuitive navigation in this highly enaging mobile‐ready science resource.

ScienceFlix helps students:

  • Practice hands-on scientific study
  • Develop inquiry-based learning skills
  • Build STEM content knowledge

“As classrooms continue to emphasize STEM education, students and teachers need reliable and relevant resources to increase science literay. This dynamic and engaging resource [ScienceFlix] will empower the next generation of innovators and foster a continued interest in science.”
 — School Library Journal


ScienceFlix Features

With thousands of science‐related assets to explore in a variety of media, and text‐types— including videos, reference articles, interactive media, and more—students can easily acquire a wealth of scientific knowledge from the classroom, the library, at home or on their mobile devices!

  • Videos are used to introduce the topic and key vocabulary and build background knowledge
  • Articles are written at three reading levels so that all students can study the same topic using the same resource.
  • Open-ended and essential questions are used as discussion starters or writing prompts
  • Quizzes are used to gauge comprehension and subject matter grasp
  • Projects and experiments provide opportunities for hands-on learning

Available Units

  • Earth Science
  • Life Science
  • Physical Science
  • Space Science
  • Health & Human Body
  • Tech, Math, & Engineering

Dive Deeper

To build knowledge, students must have access to authentic, verified information that’s appropriate for their age and reading level.

ScienceFlix blends compelling content with crucial online support tools to help students better comprehend and analyze in the core content areas, including:

  • Articles written at three levels to support all reading abilities
  • Automatic word look‐up to build in‐context vocabulary
  • Engaging videos that introduce the topic and key vocabulary and build background knowledge
  • A read‐aloud feature to support struggling readers and ELL students
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